Once a mystical crystal shrine stood in the heart of the great Feybright Forest. Centuries ago the shrine was mysteriously shattered, and a deep shadow befell the wood twisting it into a dark and horrid place… Feybright Forest faded and became the Everdark. 

Lifetimes have passed. But now something is different. A cold shadow seems to be seeping into the rest of the world from the Everdark… a foreboding omen of a terrible and tragic event that may consume all that you know. 

Talk of many say that scholars have been researching the events of long past and the Feybright shrine. It seems little information was left behind in the sundering. It does appear that there are rumors of some finding Shards of Everdark, remnants of the once great shrine. Stories boast of the power within the shards. 

Are the Shards of Everdark a key to unlocking the dark shadow enveloping the land? Are they a catalyst of the evil? Or are they simply a tall tale told by bards to make coin?

Either way, time is running out. The decay, the corruption, the twisting of all things good is ramping up. Some one needs to do something before its too late.