Elit Ladross

Brian's Male Elf Figher


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Fighter 1

hp 21
ac 17

rapier and dagger

Light armor


Elit, was born and lives in Paradore. Raised by His mother Teya Ladross and Elvin woman who runs a small inn in Paradore. Elit is shy at first, but when he becomes your friend he is loyal and trustworthy to a fault. Always willing to lend a hand no matter the cost.

Elit never met his father. His mother told him of his father the great elf mage Elios. Elios Fought a great battle in Paradore and defeated a group of attackers trying to destroy a trade route. He stayed there fore some time when he met Teya. Thought Elios wished to stay, he could not, he had more to do to keep the world safe. Elit Strongly desires to seek out His father and learn the ways of magic from the great hero, but there is much to be done for his mother and his city.

Elit took up sword play from a friend of his in the city guard, and quickly excelled at it. Though not officially on the city guard, he is always willing to lend a hand protecting the trade routes and traveling tradesmen. Along with keeping his city streets safe for the good citizens of Paradore.

Elit is shy at first, he doesn’t like to make eye contact or get to close to people. His eyes are slightly reptilian and bright yellow almost metallic color, and his blond hair has almost a brass coloring to it. He and his mother don’t know why this is, but he is very self conscious about it. He loves people and just wants to fit in, which is probably why he is so eager to get involved.

Elit Ladross

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