Chuck's Male Human Guardian




Orphaned by the ever present border skirmishes between the kingdoms of men, Kolvardur was taken in by a group of mystics and monks. Nestled deep in the mountains to the south of Ffodor, the Monastery of the Order was Kolvardur’s home for almost two decades. While his training as both a scholar of the Order and Guardian of the Temple has afforded him knowledge and skills that few would encounter elsewhere in the realms of men, he has almost no knowledge of the world beyond the Temple. His memories before being taken in are brief pictures, and his only trips outside the Temple were to only the closest villages for supplies.

Now, one of the Grand Masters of the Order has taken interest in the darkness that seeps from the Feydark, and its threat to the Life Force the Order seeks to protect. For his final test as an Initiate of the Order, Kolvardur has been sent from the Temple to represent the interests of the Order, to observe the Feydark and its influence, and to intervene on behalf of the Order if need be.

Kolvardur’s ascetic upbringing has left him with a strong sense of discipline, focused on a genuine desire to carry out the will of the Order. However, he is in a word, naive. The wider world is utterly foreign to him, and will prove quite the challenge for him to navigate even with his task to focus on. It may be that the temptations of the world he was separated from will be the greatest test he faces on his journey, a prospect Kolvardur finds particularly distressing.

He is generally distrustful, particularly of those he encounters in the claustrophobic and overwhelming cities. Kolvardur holds some respect for other monastic orders and similar organizations, seeing parallels to his own calling, even if the details differ.


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