Neri Ithildin

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pixie.pngSprite 1, Bard 1
Neri is a sprite, but not like most you may have seen before. The colorings and complexions are darker than normal, with a bluish hue. To be honest, she doesn’t look like much of a fighter to you.


Neri is descended from, and is a member of, the Viridescent Carillon – a tribe of sprites who lived within the Feybright Forest. The crystal shrine in the heart of the forest was sacred to them; it was a guiding influence and source of peace to the tribe. Tribe elders were certain that the crystal shrine had protected them during the War of the Dragon God. The tribe’s many stories and legends from generations of living in the Feybright were recorded and maintained by Neri’s grandfather and tribe Lorekeeper, Taren Ithildin.

As the darkness descended upon the forest, the sprites retreated further West into the Elidyr, near the Elven city of Shel’arian. However, the darkness that had tainted the Feybright also left its mark on the sprites of the Viridescent Carillon, as well as other creatures who lived there. Their appearance and their magic have been affected by the dark shadow.

Neri’s tribe has suffered losses with the formation of the Everdark and their displacement from their ancestral home. As the shadow of the Everdark as begun to expand out, Neri and her family began to wonder if Taren had known any lore that might provide insight on how to prevent further spread of its evil. Maybe there would be a way to return their home to its former beauty….

Neri snuck away from the tribe and journeyed back into the Everdark to see what may have remained of her grandfathers possessions which had to be left behind when the fled. She was able to recover some of his songs and his pan pipes. Neri must learn the music he wrote to unlock the secrets he has hidden within his songs.

After fleeing the Everdark, Neri’s people had stayed hidden within the forest of the Elidyr. She is wary of large towns and outsiders in general. However, the looming threat has pushed her to face her fears and move out into the world. She is still shy, and has never performed music for anyone other than her family. At 17, she is still very inexperienced. She was a good shot with a bow when hunting for her next meal, but she has never been in a fight with another person. When Neri left her home, she rifled through some of the tribe’s belongings, and found some ill-fitting armor and a knife for protection – who knew what sort of evils would be found in the Everdark?! Of course, she took her bow, the only weapon she actually knows how to use. Now that she has found her grandfather’s writings and songs, she has decided to try and find others who can help her fight this darkness. Now, how to find them…?

Neri Ithildin

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