Daily kidnapping of children is plaguing the land.

Garven, Merielle Galanodel and Neri Ithildin met William Sheppard whose son has been kidnapped by bandits. Using the dimunitive size of Neri Ithildin to their advantage the group set an ambush for the bandits managing to kill one and capture another. The captured bandit revealed that they were bringing the children northwest towards the city of Gofannon.

Meanwhile Kolvardur and Kelly’s character ran into kidnappers in Managon. Information discovered there indicated that the kidnappers were smuggling the children northeast towards the city of Gofannon.

  • Children are being brought at least to Gofannon.
  • The kidnappings are widespread and hint at a larger network. (Note: the extent of the problem is at least somewhat apparent to Garven due to his history, other characters might not have enough information to draw this conclusion).
  • It is possible that the kidnappings are tied to the encroaching Darkness.


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