Akan Fordragon

Jason's male human Crusader


Human Crusader 2 (Tome of Battle). Sword and Shield style melee fighter.
AC 18
HP 20
STR: 17, DEX 9, CON 14, INT 11, WIS 11, CHA 15
FORT 4, REF -1, WILL 2


Akan is a descendant of Yorul Fordragon, a great knight from Tyrrhene who helped defeat the dragon god, Beihlorvelthian, in ages past. Akan is one in a long line of Spirit Warriors, swordsman who enhance their fighting skills by channeling the spirits of their ancestors. By strictly adhering to his code and and performing glorious deeds, a Spirit Warrior’s spirit is strengthened, thereby making it a more powerful tool for his future descendants to call upon. With each generation, a line of Spirit Warriors becomes more powerful. But should a Spirit Warrior disgrace his heritage, his ancestors will turn their back on him until he has atoned.

Akan is aided by three ancestral spirits:
-Yorul Fordragon, the “White Raven”, who lead and inspired an army against the dragon god.
-Shimbuku Fordragon, the “Stone Dragon”, a mountain of a man who used brute strength to hunt and slay an entire gnoll war band.
-Kanu Fordragon, the “Devoted Soul”, a selfless man who gave his life defending the people of a village attacked by a necromancer’s horde of undead.

Akan is a native of Tyrrhene and has spent his life learning the ways of the Spirit Warrior from Master Fong at Fung University and he is now ready to set out on his own heroic adventure so that one day, his descendants may call upon his spirit in battle. To attune himself to his ancestors, he wears an amulet made from a fragment of the scale of the dragon god (a family heirloom from Yorul) and an ornate scroll containing his code written in calligraphy by his father.

As a Spirit Warrior, Akan adheres to a strict code:
-Have courage in the face of danger
-Fight with honor and never attack a defenseless opponent
-Make it your life’s purpose to see justice done
-Self-control: strike when reason demands it, not out of anger, jealousy, or fear

Alignment: LN
Nationality: Tyrrhene
Age: 22
Family: mother and younger brother, S’jo. Father died fighting undead.

Personality Trait: I face problems head-on. A simple direct solution is the best path to success
Ideal: I seek glorious deeds and honorable combat so that my spirit will one day be able to aid my descendants
Bond: My honor and code are my life
Flaws: I have little respect or patients for fools and the dishonest and look down upon those who have not chosen a life of discipline.

Akan Fordragon

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