Merielle Galanodel

Lindsey's PC




Meriele Galanodel and Theren Galanodel were the rarest of rare; fraternal elf twins. Both were strong of will and fierce of spirit. However, where Meriele was noble of spirit Theren had a tendency towards arrogance and avarice. Both elves excelled in the study of magic though it wasn’t long before Theren’s lust power lead him astray. Old, dark magics called Theren’s name and he fell under the sway of a powerful ancient spirit trapped in an ancient grimoire. The spirit forced Theren out of his body and escaped its tomb. Meriele tracked Theren down finding only his disembodied spirit. In an act of love Meriele offer her body as a vessel for Theren. Both Meriele and Theren are distinct entities though aspects of Theren’s personality bleed through. Meriele seeks to find the ancient spirit now wearing her brother’s flesh and restore her brother’s spirit to its rightful home.

Merielle Galanodel

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