First Steps...

Gray eyes, and missing children

William Sheppard's sheep started to disappear. They seemed sick, as their eyes were grayed over. William tried to tend to them, but they resisted with aggression. After a few nights, all his sheep had left- headed south west from his farm in the shadow of Elidyr Forest.

William and his son headed to the city of Paradore to alert the kingdom of the problem. Along the way he was jumped at his campfire by bandits. When he came to the next morning, his son was gone. This is a similar sad tale being told all around the land- kidnapping. 

A small group of people found their roads aligned dealing with gray eyed dogs, missing kids, and a lead to a criminal trail of kidnappers. They set a trap and acquired a prisoner part of the child trafficking, and with his information they head for the city of Gofannon.

On the other side of the world, another small group aligns to head eastward following the rumors of the darkness in the east. While in the city of Managon they run into a kidnapping. Thwarting the attempt, their celebration is  cut short at the finding of bigger network of kidnappings. Their road following both trails led them east to the city of Gofannon…


If I had known you were going to write the log, I wouldn’t have written so many notes!

First Steps...

The log will be fairly general. Your notes will prove to be way more useful.

First Steps...
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